Moynat Wheel BB Malletier Stud Adjustable Round Shoulder Replica Bag

When it comes to the first brown suitcase in the luxury world, people usually think of Louis Vuitton, but in fact, in time, luxury luggage brand Replica Moynat Handbags is the real originator.

Moynat originated in Paris, France, in 1849. It was founded by Pauline Moynat, who was born into a family of artisans, and the Coulembier family, a famous French luggage manufacturer (LV was founded five years later). Maulein Pauline, who was only 16 when the brand was founded, was the only woman among luggage makers at the time and the first real designer of women’s bags in Paris fashion history, having launched her first collection of women’s handbags in 1878.

Replica Moynat Handbags

In 1869, Replica Moynat Bags became a supplier of leather goods to the French Theatre, and its first store was set up at 5 Place de La Theatre (today, the most famous shopping street in Paris, Andre-Malraux). As a result, Miss Pauline became very close to Gabrielle Rejane, an actress in the theatre at the time.

Rejane was the most famous actress of the European upper class at that time, and the legendary character in the classic “In Search of Lost Time” by French stream-of-consciousness writer Marcel Proust. The design of this bag is very chic, with simple lines similar to seashells. The single-handle design is to pay tribute to the French theater, and the round silver buckle design on the bag is a modern interpretation from the early decorative Art Deco.

Replica Moynat Handbags

Replica Moynat Bags are still made by hand in a workshop in central Paris. Each Rejane takes a skilled craftsman 20 hours to make, repeatedly coloring and waxing the edges eight times.

From the basic Replica Moynat Bags cowhhide to a variety of rare leathers, special colors and even a diamond studded Rejane, women can choose different bags to show their different personalities, which is the unique charm of this bag.

This is another of Moynat’s signature bags. The bag is inspired by Moynat’s signature travel wood hardcase. Square hard small box, plus a handle, simple and exquisite design, carrying the brand unique cultural heritage.

Replica Moynat Handbags

Moynat Vanity is made using an intricate process known as “Angle stitching”, which creates a neat shape with thread stitch by stitch, making the bag look like a work of art. In addition to its delicate wiring, Vanity’s latch is also its highlight. When you push the square button right, the spring-like lock automatically pops up, giving you a sophisticated texture.