Replica Gucci Diana Small leather Handbags

There is also a backpack in the Chinese New Year series. The pink is a small size and the green is a medium size, which is especially suitable for making a couple bags. The size of the small pink backpack is also small, plus the swollen bag shape, the girls are very cute on their backs. In fact, it’s very stylish like this, and the color looks good. When the color of the clothes is simple, it can add a lot of points to the overall look, and the backpack is really the most practical Replica Gucci Handbags.

Replica Gucci Handbags

Little tote and little shoulders, one good friend can be used as a bag for a girlfriend, so there is love! There is also a vertical version of tote in this series, which is also in two colors of pink and green, but the size of the two colors is the same. Gucci’s tote bag is particularly good, whether it is horizontal or vertical, there is a detachable canvas wide shoulder strap, which is not only very convenient to use, but also share a little secret with you, this shoulder strap can also be removed Used on other small Replica Handbags, very fashionable!

Replica Gucci Handbags

I also have a tote bag of this classic Replica Gucci Bags. This bag does not look big, it is also very fit, and its weight is very light. I want to use it every time I fly or go shopping!

Do the fans who are familiar with Replica Gucci Handbags feel that the style of the dogs in this series is a bit familiar? By the way, its author is Unskilled Worker, an artist who has worked with Gucci many times before. Although Unskilled Worker’s paintings have a strong sense of art, their charm is very good. This is the portrait of Bosco and Orso she gave to Michele. The different personalities of the two dogs have been shown by her.

Replica Gucci Handbags

Unskilled Worker has brought Gucci a lot of very exciting series. She created this painting about Michele’s childhood for Alessandro Michele, the current creative director of Replica Gucci Bags, and I believe it is also familiar to fans who like Gucci. I don’t know if you have noticed that there are these two dogs in this painting.

Replica Gucci Handbags

The protagonists of this series are Micheli’s dogs Bosco and Orso, they are Boston terriers, very cute. Micheli loves these two dogs very much, and she often publishes photos of them on Instagram. It seems that this series is not so much the Chinese New Year series, but rather the “selfishness” series made by Mi Kai Ideal for Bosco and Orso, presumably all the friends who love dogs have this kind of selfishness!

Replica Bvlgari SERPENTI FOREVER Rose Red Snake Calfskin Flap Shoulder Bag

The Italian jewellery family Replica Bvlgari Handbags once again stunned the world and held the 2017 autumn and winter accessories new product preview event at the Conrad Beijing glory.

Replica BVLGARI Bags SERPENTI FOREVER Rose Red Snake Calfskin Flap Shoulder Bag accessories are bold and innovative, blending cutting-edge fashion elements. The design from the 1970s is perfect, incorporating stars, polka dots, graphics, studs and brilliant colors. The overall style of the sex, the unique style and charm come to the fore, which fits perfectly with the modern women’s lifestyle and fashion.

The two main protagonists of the series, the classic Serpenti Forever and the new Divas’ Dream collection, are also on display at the carefully crafted event. The Serpenti Forever collection of gilded gilded python heads and sparkling lighting sets complement each other, and the beautiful fragrant show is unveiled; The new Divas’ Dream collection of Replica Bvlgari Bags reveals Bulgari’s craftsmanship and precise insight into the fashion trend, showing the charm and luxury of the goddess.

Replica Bvlgari Handbags

Blending classic logos and fashion elements, Bulgari uses the heritage of the brand’s long-standing craftsmanship to showcase the ultimate in luxury and modernity. Retro stars and polka dots have been re-given to a more bold and avant-garde shape, flexible and fascinating. Ruby, emerald, linen agate, fire opal stone and tourmaline – luxurious gems highlight the luxury of this season’s accessories collection, presenting a magnificent and colorful color, each one is intoxicating. The Bulgari Fall/Winter 2017 collection combines classic elements with fashion trends to create a harmonious world.

The timeless classic, the Serpenti Forever collection, is equally dazzling in the fall and winter collections. The sleek geometric pattern of the delicately carved snake head buckle is fascinating. The star-studded flip-top shoulder Replica Bvlgari Handbags body pattern is polished with a perfect craft and is semi-circular, diamond-shaped and triangular, with star studs. The color and metal accessories of the handbag leather are elegant and noble, yet lively and pretty. It is the best choice for young ladies to go out and show their gorgeous style anytime and anywhere.

Replica Bvlgari Handbags

The Serpenti Viper handbags, full of charm and charm, are also eye-catching. A snap of a scale and two malachites shines with dazzling light. The body pattern is derived from the light body shape of the snake and the unique triangular snake head, which makes it bolder.

Serpenti Viper’s gemstone studded handbag, black enamel rose gold inlaid, cut into scales and embedded in leather, like the python’s “reverse cut” scales, has a fascinating look; and Serpenti Viper series smooth calf leather handbag is The latest in this series, the contrasting design brings a hot yet elegant charm, whether it is attending a banquet or commuting, it is the most eye-catching existence.