Fendi Baguette Micro Monster Bag Ginger

In recent years, “micro-replica tote bag ” wave of blowing, FENDI also launched in the spring and summer of 2015 Micro mini-replica tote bag models, will be headed by Peekaboo and Baguette are reduced to mini mini miniature size, a launch so many stars love people The A variety of bright candy color, you can put the phone or change, can also be hung on the bag when the strap. So “card wow” and multi-purpose bag, is it really want to get in the bag?

How many replica tote bag s can a replica tote bag ? If you just use the ordinary eyes to judge, guess that will not be too outrageous, but today you may be miscalculated, Replica Fendi Handbags Baguette is an unusual bag. Baguette launched in 1997, in the last ten years to become the most popular accessories, is the world’s many women dream of lover. Small and exquisite, simple shape, can be like a French bread caught in the armpit, it is also named Baguette.

Replica Fendi Handbags

Replica Fendi Bag uette law bag at the beginning of the launch and no big sell, Fendi Baguette Micro Monster Bag Ginger really make it fame is the fashion fans favorite American drama “Sex and the City”. Carrie encountered robbers grabbed the replica tote bag , actually did not forget to correct: “It’s not a bag, it’s a Baguette (this is not an ordinary replica tote bag , this is the law replica tote bag )!” Baguette and therefore hot.

Then Replica Fendi Handbags Baguette added three sizes (Mini Baguette, Micro Baguette and Double Micro Baguette) to meet the needs of different women to pursue exquisite small needs. Baguette can be described as a complex bag, ingenuity of the color, material and decals more than countless people, each one is called works of art.

To the present, Replica Fendi Bags Baguette bag section has reached a staggering thousand, which in a less than 20 bags can be described as unique. Baguette’s craft is extremely delicate. Due to the belief in the traditional Italian handicrafts, Fendi from the beginning of the creation of traditional culture from Rome to get inspiration. Attention to tailoring, and deliberately highlight the characteristics of the needle, which have become an important indicator of Fendi products.

Replica Fendi Handbags

Today Replica Fendi Handbag continues to be known for his outstanding craftsmanship and preserves the traditional culture of “manpower”. These and the law stick similar Baguette is in such a manual environment by craftsmen master sewing needle straight line out.

Silvia Venturini Replica Fendi Bag, chief designer of Baguette, once said that among all the numerous, I was asked to design a unique and simple and practical handbag. In a sense, I must take into account the technology and simplicity, just like this era. My response is (fortunately, I am a maverick) BAGUETTE: This is my betrayal of all requirements. Has achieved unexpected success, become the world’s hottest products.

A simple and practical and rich geometric lines of the handbag. Shape simple and pleasing to the eye, color, material and decals patterns are ingenuity. This break the traditional handbag unwilling to ordinary, but the design focus is not to create a symbol of identity. Baguette touches the ladies’ minds and makes them love and hate. Silvia Fendi named Baguette for the handbag, because it is small and slender, caught in the arms of hearty and chic, reminiscent of the temperament of the French woman, wrapped in French long replica tote bag step out of the bakery, and therefore was precisely called “law Stick pack “.

Replica Fendi Handbags

Baguette and other IT Bag is very different, the latter want to follow suit become a hot boutique, but after a few months after the introduction of quietly ended, become outdated old stuff. On the contrary, Baguette is a timeless fashion logo, the image is always new. This handbag line is extremely simple, so that designers in the material, color and decal decoration bold innovation. Baguette materials include crocodile skin, lizard skin, denim, mink skin, horse skin, decorative pieces, including pearls, Dingzhu, flash tablets, gold line, etc., interesting endless, it is difficult to refuse. Baguette’s celebrity fans countless, like Madonna, Cate Blanchett, Julia Roberts, Sarah Jessica Parker, Catherine Zeta-Jones and other big names.

This makes the ladies rush of modern classic, quarterly also have new creation available, and are well received. As Baguette is the first handbag to be regarded as clothing, the design concept evolved towards different sizes. Today, ladies can choose a variety of sizes of Baguette: small, medium, large, increase. Each shoulder strap can be removed, easy to use as a handbag, and large and extra large with a long shoulder strap can be inclined back. In the past, the jewels of the “expensive” handbag is limited to match the evening dress, style and colorful Baguette to create a precedent to break this rigid rules.